Watkinsville Pool Repair Services

Southern Splash Pools is the comprehensive solution to your pool and spa repair needs. From pool equipment overhaul to installation and filter cleaning, the professionals at Southern Splash Pools can float your boat! Pool maintenance is a task that is best left to trained technicians. Without the necessary knowledge and experience, how will you achieve that shimmering, crystalline organic balance? They don’t call us the Sultans of Spas and Swimming Pools for nothing!

Southern Splash Pools – Watkinsville, GA Pool Repairs

With over 13 years of pool and spa expertise, rest assured that our techs are not wet behind the ears. These highly skilled professionals are adept at handling the most challenging of pool predicaments. Your Watkinsville, GA pool professionals are prepared to assist in every aspect of your pool repair and spa maintenance needs.

Our trained professionals have the experience and the knowledge to ensure your pool and spa provide you with years of fun in the sun. Call the professionals at Southern Splash Pools and let us show you what real pool service is all about. Southern Splash Pools maintenance also means that the waters are free of debris, bacteria and ultra-safe for your maximum swimming pleasure.

Preventative swimming pool maintenance is imperative to ensuring an enjoyable summer in Watkinsville, GA. You can never be too diligent when it comes to maintaining a pool that is safe from bacteria. That’s where Southern Splash Pools of Watkinsville, GA comes in! Swimming pool maintenance requires a regular schedule that involves assessing the pump and filter and making sure it is functioning at the optimum level. The ideal maintenance schedule encompasses daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal evaluations and routine follow-up procedures. Regular maintenance involves cleaning, back-washing and even shocking your pool occasionally, apart from incorporating the necessary chemicals as per your water chemistry test results. As the maximum pool health depends upon pool equipment, your filters and pumps require the proper attention, cleaning and maintenance.

When choosing a pump, be aware of its projected turnover rate. An effective pump will completely filter the system once every ten hours. In other words, choose the pump that is specifically designed for the size of your pool: get the most horsepower for the least energy. The efficiency of a pool pump is gauged by determining its GPM, meaning the number of gallons pumped per minute. Be sure that once you have calculated your pump’s (GPM), the plumbing and filter are in accord with that calculation and designed to manage it.

Watkinsville, GA Pool Pumps

Maintaining your Watkinsville, GA pool pumps and pool filters are essential to keep the water circulating through the filters optimally. Sluggish pumps can cause major problems for you by stimulating the build-up of algae and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria. Once this happens, your pool is a biohazard and NOT SAFE for swimming. Allowing sluggish and inefficient pumps is an invitation for debris and bacteria growth and a milky green layer of algae to float atop the pool‘s surface. This sight is neither pleasant, nor inviting and certainly not what you want for your swimming pool and family. DON’T LET THIS HAPPEN! Call the Watkinsville, GA Pool Pros and arrange a customized pool maintenance plan TODAY!
Allow out highly skilled staff of trained professionals ensure that your pool remains safe, healthy, and glimmers like a diamond in the sunlight. By retaining the expertise of the Sultans of Spas and Pools Southern Splash Pools , you are assured of year ‘round optimal pool pleasure.

Our Watkinsville,GA Pool Services:

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