Innovative Places to Install Your Indoor Pool

Innovative Places to Install Indoor Pools for Everyone!

Innovative Places to Install Your Indoor Pool for Everyone

Innovative Places to Install Your Indoor Pool

Have you always dreamed of installing an indoor pool, but thought your home was too small to accommodate one? Think again! Take in to consideration your basement or garage. People have their indoor pools built in these unlikely places more often than you might imagine. Initially, an indoor swimming pool installed in the basement of a home might seem rather odd. However, many swimming pool owners have found that this is the perfect location for their indoor pool.

Concrete flooring provides optimal structural support for an indoor swimming pool—and it is budget-friendly! Further, your basement affords you and your family year ‘round and easy access to a spur-of-the moment dip in the pool. Most average depth prefabricated indoor pools can certainly be installed as long as the ceiling is at least 7-feet high. Bonus: your basement floor remains intact—excavation is not necessary.

Many indoor pools fit perfectly in a basement corner, and you can use a garden hose to fill ‘er up! The latest in state-of-the-art purification systems negates the need for chemicals like chlorine. Thus, your basement won’t have a fragrance reminiscent of Your basement will not smell like the local exercise room!

Nowadays, a number of indoor pools are super-insulated to facilitate unheated swimming enjoyment as well as keeping your heating bills reasonable.

In another direction, a two-car garage lends itself nicely to an indoor pool installation. Allow your imagination and creativity to flow, as contemporary indoor pools run the gamut from practical to ultra-chic and all points in-between.

Incidentally, even if the flooring in your garage—or basement— has a considerable slant, it is still feasible to install the indoor swimming pool of your dreams.


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