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In the summertime, there is no better home luxury you can have than a swimming pool. However, in exchange for the many benefits of swimming pool ownership, you will have to contribute your time and energy into taking care of your pool. Depending on what your schedule is like, and how many other household obligations you have on your place, you may be capable of taking on anywhere from a lot of pool cleaning responsibilities to none at all. So, hire professionals to do the dirty work of swimming pool maintenance and repair . Contact the experts at Southern Splash Pools for any pool job, no matter how big or small, so you can spend your time by the pool doing whats most important: enjoying the pool. Southern Splash Pools Call today! (706) 227-2910

Swimming Pool Repair Rayle, Georgia

Pool repairs. It is safe to say that you can probably spend almost as much time maintaining your pool as you do swimming in it There comes a time when any pool, no matter how fancy or well built, requires repair work. This may be something as simple as replacing a pool tile or as complex as installing a new pump system. Whatever your needs, Southern Splash Pools can provide you with the expertise to get it done.
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We specialize in Swimming Pool Repairand Maintenance for:
In-ground pools
Walled pools
Indoor pools
Lap Pools
Saltwater Pools
Zero-Edge Infinity Pools
Rock Pools
Mirror Image Black-Bottom Pools
Lagoon-Style Pools
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Swimming Pool Repair and Maintenance  Rayle, Georgia

Swimming Pool Chemical balance maintenance Rayle, Georgia

Whether you know it or not, the inside of your swimming pool is a delicate balance of water and a number of chemicals that keep that water clean. If youve ever seen a pool water testing kit, then you can probably guess that theres more to clean pool water than meets the eye. In addition to being clean, your pool water should also be safe for your skin and eyes, harmless to your pools finish, and clear enough for you to enjoy. For these reasons, there are a number of chemicals used in swimming pool maintenance. Getting and keeping the right balance is often tricky.
Services Offered by Southern Splash Pools
Chemical balance maintenance. Your pool water is a delicate balance of H2O, disinfectant agent (like chlorine or bromine, for example), a stabilizer, and sometimes more. In order for your pool water to be clean, clear, and safe to swim in, its chemical balance must be maintained. A pool cleaning company can do this job for you, so you can focus on enjoying your pool.
Cleaning. It goes without saying that a pool cleaning company can clean your pool. However, this can encompass a number of different responsibilities, including scrubbing algae off the walls, removing debris from the skimmer basket, and cleaning or replacing the filter. A qualified pool maintenance company will be able to offer guidance in regards to what, exactly, your pool needs to stay clean, and how often it should be done.
Winterizing. There are a number of steps that go into preparing your swimming pool for the cold winter months, and if they arent done correctly, your pool could suffer irreparable damage. Even if you dont use a pool cleaning companys services on a regular basis, you can recruit one for the purpose of winterizing your pool.
Draining and refilling. In more extreme circumstances, your pool water may need to be completely drained and refilled. If you require this kind of pool water reboot, then a qualified pool maintenance company can do the job for you, helping you basically start from scratch with a pool full of healthy new water.

Chemical Testing  Rayle, Georgia

Pool and Spa Maintenance and Reoair Rayle, Georgia

Pool and spa maintenance can be a daunting task if one is not equipped with the experience and know-how. Fortunately, the Southern Splash pool and spa maintenance engineers are highly qualified, skilled and eager to assist with all of your pool repair and maintenance needs. Call us today and speak with one of our friendly client services experts! Together, we’ll design the customized pool and spa maintenance plan that meets your specific requirements–ensuring you and your family enjoy a summer filled with worry-free fun in the sun!

In-ground Pool & Spa Maintenance

The water in your in-ground pool or spa should be clear–not cloudy! Therefore, water filtering is of the utmost importance. The skilled professionals at Southern Splash Pools will keep your in-ground pool glittering in the sunlight by implementing a regimented maintenance schedule. We’ll make certain that the bacteria-fighting chemicals effectively permeate your pool’s water–keeping it sparkling and beautiful, as well as safe. Your Southern Splash maintenance technician keeps an eye on your in-ground pool and spa equipment, as well as regularly inspecting and replacing defective components

As part of our exclusive pool and spa maintenance program, our water wizards routinely evaluate your pool or spa to make sure it functions at its optimal level.

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