Ten Avoidable Mistakes When Choosing a Pool Contractor

A brilliant trial lawyer once shelled-out thousands of dollars to a pool contractor, only to discover the pool was flawed and not all what she expected. When confronted, the pool contractor hedged, found excuses and ultimately never followed through. This scenario is all too common when hiring a pool contractor or any other home improvement specialist. However, such mistakes are avoidable if you use your head.

Below are ten tips to keep you and your pool contractor on the same page.


1) Have a clear idea of the type of pool you want. If you are not sure what you want, how can your pool contractor deliver? Keep in mind that you are dealing with professional contractors, not clairvoyants. Therefore, make certain you articulate your desires and expectations in a clear and straightforward manner.


2) As in all matters of business, get it in writing. In doing so, you will negate the possibility of misunderstandings, which can lead to lame excuses.


3) Include a set timeframe in the contract. If you fail to include this important element, your pool contractor has every right to assume the swimming pool can be installed at his or her leisure.


4) Do not pay a ridiculously high deposit. While paying it forward is a good rule of thumb in daily life, it is not good business sense. The request for a deposit is practical upon the signing of the contract, and necessary for the purchase of materials. However, never pay a pool contractor, or anyone else, prior to completion of the job.

5) No License; no Hire. A licensed pool contractor does not guarantee skill and knowledge, but it will afford you some advantage if the pool installation goes wrong. Rather than lose that license, a pool contractor will make things right.

6) Research and interview several pool contractor before making a decision. Do not simply open the Yellow Pages or YP.com and pick a name willy-nilly. Visit a home improvement store and request recommendations. Angie’s List is another option if you prefer to research online.

7) Do not assume that your pool installation will be problem-free. This only happens in the movies. Inclement weather, illness, vacations and employees of your pool contractor quitting are a few of the possibilities.

8) Neatness only counts in grade school.  Contrary to what we have all been taught, leaving tools and such lying around is many a pool contractor’s method of organization. Expect a mess and plan appropriately. Ensure the contract includes a portion that speaks toward leaving the area neat and clean when the pool is installed to your satisfaction.

9) Incorporate penalizations into the contract. Especially when the pool project is large and costly, it is advisable to add a penalty clause like, “a sum of $50.00 will incur each day the project is incomplete after April 8,” for example.  This will serve to keep your pool contractor motivated and mindful.

10) Do not assume a contract equates to smooth sailing. While contracts are useful in thwarting some snags, it is unrealistic to expect perfection from anyone—even a pool contractor.  Find a reputable pool contractor and remain aware.


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