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Southern Splash Pool Service is the one-stop shop for all of your pool and spa service needs. From pool equipment repair and installation to filter cleaning, we offer the finest in comprehensive pool maintenance and installation. Pool maintenance can be a daunting task if one is not equipped with the experience and know-how.

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Southern Splash Pool Service – Statham, GA Weekly Pool Maintenance Services

Your Statham, GA pool company will help you with all your repair and maintenance needs. At Southern Splash Pool Service our team of skilled professionals care of your pool or spa when you don’t have the time. Call us today and speak with one of our skilled, friendly client services experts. We’ll create a customized maintenance plan to suit your specific requirements, thus; ensuring you and your family enjoy a summer filled with worry-free fun in the sun! We will routinely evaluate your pool or spa to make sure it maintains the optimal functionality. Contact us, today!

Our skilled and qualified professionals have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with years of trouble free service. Call the professionals at Southern Splash pools service to provide your pool with the services that you need. Stratham, GA pool maintenance also ensures that the crystalline waters of your pool stay that way: free of bacteria, objects and debris that could cause injury to swimmers.

The water in your Statham, GA pool should be clear–not cloudy! Therefore, water filtering is of the utmost importance. The skilled professionals at Southern Splash Pools will keep your pool glittering in the sunlight by implementing a regimented maintenance schedule. We’ll make certain that the bacteria-fighting chemicals effectively permeate your pool’s water–keeping it beautiful, as well as safe.

Preventative swimming pool maintenance is imperative to ensuring an enjoyable summer in Statham, Ga. You can never be too diligent when it comes to maintaining a pool that is safe from bacteria and trouble-free. That’s where Southern Splash Pools of Statham, GA comes in! Swimming pool maintenance requires a regular schedule to assess the pump and filter and make sure it is functioning properly. The optimal maintenance schedule encompasses daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal evaluations and routine follow-up procedures.

Regular maintenance involves cleaning, back-washing and even shocking your pool occasionally, apart from incorporating the necessary chemicals as per your water chemistry test results. As pool health depends a entirely upon pool equipment, they also require the proper attention, cleaning and maintenance.

Our Statham, GA Weekly Pool Maintenance Services

  • weekly service on a consistent day
  • net floating debris
  • Spa Maintenance
  • vacuum pool or pool and spa each visit
  • brush steps and walls, lights and skimmers
  • empty skimmer and pump strainer baskets
  • check chemicals (chlorine, pH, alkalinity, water hardness, calcium, TDS) and adjust accordingly
  • pool maintenance technician leaves a service card at your front door after each visit to let you know that your pool or spa has been serviced.

Statham,Ga Spa and Maintenance

Most people will not know that spa maintenance can be divided into two main parts: Sanitation and Optimal Spa Equipment.Ensuring the functionality of spa walls, filters, baskets, and heaters is foremost. Rest assured that the professionals at Southern Splash Pools are adept at maintaining the safety of your pool and spa water by evaluating and incorporating the proper bacteria-fighting chemicals into the water as necessary. Further, we’ll keep an eye on your spa equipment, as well by regularly inspecting and replacing defective equipment.

Your Statham, GA spa company can maintain and repair your spa with routine evaluations and maintenance so you can enjoy your spa worry-free. Call us today to experience the difference an expert from Southern Splash Pool Services can make!

Our Statham,Ga Pool Services:

  • Spa Repairs
  • Spa Cleaning
  • Spa Filters
  • Spa Maintenance

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